Board of Governors
MR. Rajesh Khandelwal MR. Rajesh Gupta MR. Sudesh Chourasia
Chairman Secretary Director
MR. Rajesh Bagdi MR. Nand Kishor Soni MR. Sunil Agrawal
Director Director Director
MR. Harish Ronchhatra MR. Arun Khandelwal MR. Sunil Parakh
Director Director Director
MR. Balbir Singh Bagga MR. Ashok Joshi  
Director Principal  
Chairman Speaks
Dear Students,

We, the people of Rajnandgaon are proud to be the resident of a district which is known for its soulful literacy activities and culture.

Apart from saving our culture we have to keep pace with changes that are occurring in the modern world. Here, at Elegant College, we take special care that no child is left behind. We are committed to provide you the suitable atmosphere for growth, along with putting emphasis on our culture of humanity.

Our objective is to empower our students so that they get ahead in life by receiving effective, innovative and high quality academic guidance.

Wishing you a wonderful future

MR. Rajesh Khandelwal
Principal Desk
Dear Students,

You can’t do things differently if you don’t see things differently. At Elegant, we see things differently and so far we have been giving you high qualities facility of faculties. In future, we intend to further upgrade competency of each student. We always make the best of courses available to you. Keeping the changing face of world in mind, we emphasis more on practical aspects of education. Technically speaking, we our computer lab, our software, faculties on regular basis. We are totally focused and determined to make our student’s achiever in the real sense and reach the pinnacle of success through hard and smart work only.

Wishing for your Excellent Future & Success.


Ashok Joshi
M.Com, M.A.(Eco.)